Rent a studio



It is easily accessible by car or local train. There is free parking available right in front of the building.
The studio was established in December 2007 measuring 7×5 meters with a height of 3 meters. It is located in a beautiful ancient factory site which is also a great location for  outdoor photo sessions.
Flexible rental times as well as favorable prizes allow you to freely pursue your hobby or your order.
The studio is equipped with:
– large mirror
– hat stand
– coffee machine
– fridge including beverages available at net cost prize (non-alcoholic, Prosecco, shandy)
– bathroom with washing facilities
– kitchen
– CD player (Sony CD-MC)
– tattoo machine
– various sexy dresses (German size 34-38) 
– various wigs and accessories (feather boa, bunny costume, angel costume with wings and gloriole, white sheepskin rug, steel chain, handcuffs, belt, umbrella, silk cloths, pillows (Playboy and others), white leather armchair, various antique ottoman seating  , stuffed animals, bar stool, vanity case, etc.)
– Clothes for cleaning fee 3 € per unit

Background roles – four of them so far, 3 are permanently installed (Ultra White, Super Black, Gray) – Blue is replaceable 2.72 m times 11m – curtain fabric 3m views 6m deep black, light cubes, shooting table, portrait Stool
 – 2 flash heads (Walimex) 200 W modeling light with 5500 K 
 – 1 flash head (Walimex)  420 W as modeling with 5500 K 
 – 1 flash head (Walimex)  600 W as modeling with 5500 K all triggered continuously variable and sync cable, infrared or camera flash. 
 – 1 x Softbox 75 x 150 cm, 1 x Octobox 150 cm (White, Black),  1 x Strip Light 30 x 120 cm (with lattice-reduction operations)
 – Beauty Dish 50 cm with Barn and diffuser and honeycomb 
 – 3 Manfrotto tripods incl lamp or reflector reflector holder 10-168 cm 
 – Pourflex 5 in 1 Faltreflektorset 106 cm 
 – Fog machine (against Rental fee) 
 – Light Effect Machine (rental fee) on payment 
 – Electronic meter Kenko KFM-1100 (rental fee) on payment 
 – Electra-IR Studio Flash Trigger (rental fee) on payment 
 – Synchronous and slip-Sync cable 5 m 
 – Wind Machine 180 W 
 – Effect Mirror 
 – Spot Resolutions ( Barn doors including 4 color filter, light reflector, Lichttubus with comb filter)
 – Various shades reflex (gold, silver, white-light) 84 cm 
 – 2 Manfrotto Auto poles up to 3.20 m  
 Clamps and various mounting brackets
 In addition, the active is also a photographer  Processing table with light cubes 
 (80 x 80) incl. 2 Somikon  professional photographic lighting 5400 K – 35 W, for the 
 professional product photography, etc. are available, please specify when renting.
 And if you do not have time this model contracts, are also available free of charge.




1 hour*: 25 €
Frequenter**: 22 €
* minimum rental time: 2 hours
half a day (5 hours): 105 €
Frequenter**: 95 €
1 day (10 hours): 195 €
Frequenter**: 175 €
Each additional hour (if available): 22 €
Frequenter**: 20 €
20 hours – flatrate***: 350 €
40 hours – flatrate***: 600 €
Photometer rental fee (once per studio rent): 5 €
Fog machine rental fee (once per studio rent, including 1 fill): 5 €
Lighting effect machine rental fee (once per studio rent): 5 €
IR Studio Plash Trigger rental fee (once per studio rent): 5 €
Paper background (based on consumption): 8 € per meter
Cold beverages (based on consumption): 1 € per 0.5l
Prosecco: 5 € per 0.7l
Coffee: FOR FREE

**Frequenters are customers having rented the studio at least once and paid a one-time member fee of 45 €. The membership is not transferable and can only booked personally and/or with a model.


Current prizes as of 20 December 2009.


In case of any prize changes, frequenters will always pay 10 % less than standard customers.


*** You may also book a studio flatrate without the equipment and beverages. This flatrate will be valid for 1 year. Reservation should be made in 3 hours blocks. Rental hours after agreement and depending on availability.

365 days per year, 24 hours a day
Bookings outside the core hours, i.e. before 8 a.m. and after 8 p.m. cost 15 % more. For ongoing bookings only the time that really is outside the core hours will be charged with this extra fee.
All prices include German VAT (currently 19 %). An invoice can be created upon request.
For less experienced customers I can offer an 1 hour introductory course on how to work in a photo studio for only € 30. If you already have experience in working in a photo studio, I will give you a short walk around (for free).
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